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What is a Senior Rep?

A senior rep is a high school junior who will be a senior next year and chooses to exclusively promote one photography business until they graduate. By representing Kylie Nelson Creative through social media and word of mouth, you will enjoy free photo shoots starting from the end of your junior year and throughout your senior year. Additionally, senior reps receive a $100 discount on their initial senior session!

Requirements to Apply

- Currently enrolled in a high school in the Eugene/Springfield area.
- Graduating with the Class of 2025.
- Willing to share photos from each photoshoot on your social media accounts.
- If under 18, a parent or guardian must sign a permission form for photo releases and event participation.


A strong social media presence is key! You will need to share and tag photos from our sessions together. Consistent posting and sharing from every shoot is recommended for being a successful senior rep. Most importantly, I'm looking for reps who are genuinely excited to join this team! This opportunity is about more than just free photos; it’s about creating memories, meeting new friends, and having unique experiences.

Benefits of Being a Senior Rep

  • Connect with other seniors from the Eugene/Springfield area during fun group and individual photo sessions organized by Kylie Nelson Creative.
  • Participate in up to three senior group sessions, in addition to your personal senior session (valued at over $1400).
  • Enjoy the chance to make new friends and lasting memories during your senior year.

Cost to Join

The only expense is booking your senior session with Kylie Nelson Creative. All other group photo sessions during your time as a rep will be completely free. Senior Reps receive $100 off their initial senior session.

Number of Photo Sessions

Reps will be invited to participate in group sessions, which include individual and group photos. You are guaranteed at least three free sessions (if not more) on top of your individual senior session throughout your junior and senior years.


As a senior rep, you are committed to Kylie Nelson Creative. This means you will have amazing experiences, create new memories, and receive beautiful photoshoots and images to cherish forever, but you will not be allowed to post, share, or tag photos from any other portrait or senior photographers until your contract ends. Reps are required to attend at least two group sessions, with dates provided upon acceptance. You can still share family photos and team photos! You will need to sign a contract to join the 2025 Senior Rep Team. If you plan to work with other portrait or senior photographers during your senior year, being a senior rep might not be the best fit for you and I invite you to check out my individual sessions!